Entertaining Dinner Party For Sure!

When Saturday night came, we were not sure what to expect. We had 5 couples coming over along with Grace and I and another couple that are friends of ours. We knew that everyone would be strangers with a wide range of experience or interest in BDSM-D/s. Grace and I have about 1 year of experience living in a Dom/Sub Lifestyle. Couple #2 had 3-4 years of experience. Couple #3 came in where she had experience, but he was brand new.Couple #4 was a couple that had many years of experience and was even looking for a poly fit for their relationship. Couple #5 was a very open minded couple that had 30 years of marriage, had lived in an open marriage for many years and were still exploring all the different aspects that can be incorporated into a marriage. Couple #6 was a couple that was basically brand new to it all. They were exploring things for the first time but extrememly open minded in their exploration. Couple #6 were two newlyweds that are friends of ours that wanted to be a part of this as they are very open minded even if they are not into BDSM-D/s.

I can honestly say that we were very happy with everyone that showed up. You never know when inviting complete strangers over. There was a great mix of ages and personalities. We never even left the kitchen/dinning room. Right from the start, there was some really good conversation. At times there were 3 or 4 conversations going on, but then later it was sort of a group conversation where couples would share and be open. There were some amazing questions and the energy was awesome.

By the end of the night, Grace and I felt we had made some great new friends. We were very grateful that people were so open and honest. We had hosted this dinner to help people be open about their lifestyle and ask questions from others in it. We were surprised about things we learned from others sharing. No matter how much you think you know, you always learn from others. You learn different perspectives, different ways of thinking, different fears, hopes, joys, etc.

We don’t yet have plans to have another event, but I know we want too. We have considered another dinner, maybe even a little larger. Maybe we will do a night out, dinner, dancing, bowling, who knows. I just know that we truly enjoyed ourselves and hope to get so lucky with our next one.

Thank you to those that join us in making it a very fun night.

Smitty & Grace